Sunday Market Walks in Denia

Sunday Market Walks in Denia

Despite what you might think, there’s a lot going on in Denia between the months of October and November. Whilst tourists may think this quiet summer town shuts up shop in the winter months, they are wrong.

Between 19th October and 4th November, they have something going on called Fira de Tots Sants where they host a fairground full of exciting attractions.

Among many other weekly festivities, this weekend saw the return of something called Denia Stock Fira Outlet.


Denia Stock? What is that?

Yes, I must admit, it’s not one of the best names I’ve heard, but Denia Stock is definitely worth a pop into the town centre for.

All along the main high street in Denia town centre, market stalls line up full of high-end brands at outlet, discount prices. Many products were up to half price!

Of course, we had to take a look!

This Sunday morning we took a bus into Denia, firstly to sign up to a local gym, and secondly, to of course check out this famous market that had been advertised everywhere- we mean everywhere!

Whilst it was a chilly start to the day, the sun was bright in the sky and the day warmed up quickly. (And there’s me in a hoodie!)

You may be surprised, but even after nearly a month moving here, this was the first time we ventured into town on a really sunny day. All the other times were cloudy! And it’s amazing what the sun can do… everything looked lovely. It was like being on holiday!

After signing up the gym as planned, we headed towards the town’s main high street where it was said that these stalls would come together and set up. Maybe it’s just me but there’s something pretty about Spanish high streets. When the sun is out it casts such a lovely warm glow on the trees that line the road….


Further along, we were met with stall upon stall of half-price goodies! It was lovely. For the first time in ages, Tom and I really felt we were making the most of the town and what it had to offer.

When we moved to Spain, we moved with that picture-perfect ideal of sitting out in the sun, at a local cafe and just watching the world go by. So, today, we did just that.

Up the road from the high street is a quaint little square with a fountain and some music playing. We sat down at a local cafe, ordered a breakfast deal (orange juice, coffee or tea with a croissant) and just sat there taking in the moment.


This is what we came to Spain for.

I think we sat at that cafe for about two hours! The sun was warm on my face and the music playing in the back was so peaceful I felt that I could fall asleep.

But we couldn’t stay there forever (as much as we wanted to). So, we dragged ourselves back up to look at the stalls again and headed towards the marina.

The bus timetable in the winter is quite infrequent which means you have to time your trips quite carefully if you want to get somewhere at a certain time. Unfortunately, on this day, we did not. So whilst we were planning to get back for around lunch, we missed our bus by two minutes which meant we had another hour to kill.

Not that we were complaining. It was a nice excuse to walk more of the town and explore places we’ve never been before.

With that in mind, we decided to follow a path around the port. It’s no surprise that as we kept walking towards the marina, we were headed into rich territory! The flats looked amazing and the yachts were massive! Oh to have money hey!

The view from this side of Denia was absolutely beautiful too. It was totally worth missing a bus for!


But time does fly when you’re having fun. Before we knew it, we had to journey back into the centre if we didn’t want to miss our bus for the second time. Our Sunday adventures soon came to a close.

Unfortunately, we were too late (and could never find) whereabouts the fairground (Fira de Tots Sants) was. That trip will have to wait until next time….