My First Attempt at Nutella Fudge

My First Attempt at Nutella Fudge

For Christmas, my partner, Tom, got me a “Nutella Mug Cakes & More” book which contains approximately 34 mouthwatering Nutella recipes. You may have discovered my recent fondness for mug cake recipes in my post “Warming Christmas-Inspired Mug Cake”. I love the ease that mug cakes bring. In five minutes or less, you can have a perfectly proportioned cake in the palm of your hands. It’s no wonder or surprise that Tom got me some books to practice my mug cake baking skills with.

So, despite everyone preaching about going on a diet in the New Year, here I am flicking through some of these delicious Nutella recipes deciding which one I want to make first.

Today, I opened the book and leafed through some of the recipes seeing what easy (and tasty) concoction I could start with. I was tempted with the Nutella topped madeleines or, of course, the devilishly decadent lava mug cake.

Instead, I opted for the Nutella fudge. I absolutely love fudge. You could say the only bad thing is I could eat a whole wedge by myself and I dare to think how much sugar and how many calories are in that!

Despite being a connoisseur in eating fudge, I have never in my life actually tried making any. When I saw this simple recipe, it seemed so easy I couldn’t not give it a go! Now, you have to bear with me on this recipe as it didn’t pan out the best… but here you have it – my first attempt at Nutella fudge:


What ingredients do you need?

In this recipe, they just used milk, butter, and sugar rather than condensed milk that I’ve been seeing online (after I did some research). However, if you have a fudge recipe that you know and love you can still make these awesome Nutella Fudge – just simply add a dollop of Nutella at the end!  

For this recipe, you need:

150 ml milk

2 tablespoons of butter (I believe this is equivalent to 50 grams)

175g caster sugar or brown sugar

50g Nutella


MAKES APPROX. 12-15 PIECES (depending on how big your pieces are!)


How do you make it?

  1. Grease a small square baking tray (don’t forget this is to make enough for one person or two.
  2. Heat the milk, sugar, and butter in a small saucepan on medium heat. At the start, keep stirring the mixture until all the butter has melted and the sugar has dissolved.Adding-the-Fudge-Ingredients
  3. As soon as this happens, stop stirring, bring to the boil and then reduce heat to low.
  4. Keep simmering the mixture for approximately 20 minutes (because I did double the recipe, mine actually took a little over an hour. So don’t worry if you don’t see anything, just persevere. Well, that is if I did it right!). You’re looking for a very thick consistency towards the end of this heating period.Thickening-Fudge-Mixture
  5. Once your fudge mixture is thick enough, take it off the heat and stir in the Nutella. This should be done off the heat to avoid the chocolate from burning.
  6. Leave the mixture to cool for 5 minutes.
  7. Before pouring it into your tray, whisk the mixture vigorously until it is a smooth consistency and all the Nutella has been enveloped completely into the mix.Whisk-Nutella-Fudge-Mix
  8. Pour your fudge into the tray.
  9. You can either leave out at room temperature for two hours or place in the fridge for a firmer texture (and if you want your fudge sooner than the allocated two hours!).

    Cheeky look at my fudge in the fridge!

And that’s it. Here’s how mine turned out….

(You can see I’ve already had a little nibble! hehe)

I did have a little difficulty with this recipe book when it came to measuring out the butter – how you measure 2 tablespoons of hard butter?! – this became apparent when my mixture wasn’t getting that thick and the sugar was burning.

After over an hour on heat, I ended up having to use a half-thick mixture and then scooping out the excess melted butter. Luckily, it started to get thicker off the heat and I was able to redeem my fudge!

But, I think for my first try it wasn’t half bad! It tastes lovely and what I’ve come to realise when it comes to baking is that it’s the taste that matters most.

Happy baking!

(P.S. The full list of recipes can be found in Keda Black’s Nutella Mug Cakes & More. Also, P.S., does it count as baking if you don’t technically bake anything? Oh well!)