Introductions and Welcome

Introductions and Welcome

Hello and welcome to the first blog of Simply Europe.

I always find it a little bit hard to come up with that first blog idea, which is why I thought I’d take this opportunity to delve into myself- who I am and why I created Simply Europe.

So a little about me (I feel as if I’m writing a bio on a dating website), my name is Rebecca Smith. I’m pocket-sized human barely reaching 5ft but I’m loud. I love to read and write, and you can always find me on the dance floor showing my moves (especially after I’ve had a few). I really want a French Bulldog or a pug (I hope to get one in the next year), although I’m currently sat in the living room of my partner’s parent’s house as I try to keep their little Jack pup, Norman, from terrorising their black fluff-ball of a cat called Nigel. I feel like a parent thrown into the deep end!

The fight has simmered down for the time being and I’ve finally been given the opportunity to write in peace.

Life hadn’t always been this mad…

Coming from a small town in the south of England called Bournemouth (famed for its golden beaches, nightlife and numerous restaurants and cafes), I had your average lifestyle- get up, go to work, go home, eat dinner and go to bed.

I met Thomas, my now fiance, working as a copywriter at a local digital marketing agency. Within 4 months of starting my new job, we started dating. I can honestly say that my current journey began here. If it wasn’t for Tom, I would probably still be working there and doing the same job day in; day out.

As a couple, we’re good at pushing ourselves to be better and do more with our lives. It’s why, after only 6 months of dating, we decided to take a massive gamble and move to Barcelona.

Why Barcelona? Well, I say, why not? I had always wanted to live abroad and had often looked at teaching English as a foreign language in the past but I was always too nervous to make the move on my own. With Tom, I had someone who shared the same dream as me and gave me the push I needed to just get on and do it.

So it was at the beginning of March 2016 that we travelled down to the Spanish cosmopolitan city and began our adventure.

I got a job working as a content writer at a place called the European Bartender School (and, yes, that is a real company) and Tom worked within a hotel marketing company.

Life in Barcelona was great! Whether it was just taking a stroll down the beach, my morning runs watching the sunrise, the paella, the shot bars, the W hotel, and, of course, the sights! There was always something to see and do, and every weekend was like a mini holiday.

Unfortunately, we never got the opportunity to experience everything there was to offer in Barcelona as, due to personal circumstances, we had to leave a year later and come back to the UK.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are many great things to do in the UK, and I’m lucky to say that my hometown has so much to offer in the near and surrounding areas, but there’s just something about moving back ‘home’. For a time, my partner and I struggled to settle back into UK life, although it is surprising how quickly and easily you can settle into everything.  

Before we knew it we were back at a 9 – 5 job and living in a flat just outside of Bournemouth town centre. We had some good times in the year or two since being back. It’s always nice to be so close to family and friends. We had some great holidays both in London and abroad, and we got engaged!

But that’s just the thing, something just didn’t feel right. I simply can’t get to grips with the social idea that you literally just live to work with the occasional holidays. Why can’t you live and work wherever you want to in the world?

It’s for this reason that we started to look at moving away again. Whether it was in the UK or further afield, we wanted to get away from the place where we had grown up.

We looked at North Wales and we looked at other European cities such as Lisbon, but what took our fancy above all of this was moving back to Spain (what can I say, we can’t stay away!).

And so here I am.

We’ve currently set our sights for Denia- a smaller city on the South East coast of Spain as our next chapter.

With all this talk about moving abroad and wanting to explore other places Europe has to offer, I thought it would be a great idea to share my passion about Spain, travelling, and Europe with others.

Simply Europe is not just a place where I can talk about my own experiences, but it will also be somewhere where I can share my dreams- to explore with you the places I’ve always wanted to visit and foods I’ve always wanted to try.

It’s a little touch of me on the internet with a dash of Europe thrown in! I hope you enjoy.