How to Fight your Fear of Flying

How to Fight your Fear of Flying

Are you scared of flying? Don’t let your fear hold you back from going places.

This weekend saw me finally getting on a plane and flying in my very own piloted flying lesson. Yes, I can fly!

At the beginning of this year, my partner decided to tackle his fear of flying by booking a flying lesson. If you’re not aware, these flying lessons are the ones that that take you up in those teeny tiniest looking of planes. To me, they look closer to paper planes than a real aircraft, so much so that I start thinking: ‘how can that possibly stay up in the air?!’ I bet you’d be surprised to hear that it’s actually safer to fly in those small planes than the bigger passenger airlines!

Ever since he (that is, my partner) could remember, flying has always been a big fear of his. He’s literally done everything he can to rid himself of this fear including therapy and not one, but two ‘Fear of Flying’ courses, but with little success. And I don’t blame him. Many people have a fear of flying (probably more than those who like flying) and I can understand why- it’s not natural.

In the time since he’s tried to get over his fear, his confidence has shot up tremendously, but it takes a lot to battle your fear. If I was trapped in a room full of spiders I know I’d be freaking out!

So anyway, with nothing left to lose he signed up for a flying lesson in January at a local aviation school (luckily we live near an airport) and he absolutely loved it!

When he told me of his exciting flying adventure, he mentioned how he wanted me to experience the same heights (excuse the pun) and that he had booked me on for a flying lesson of my own!

Depending on what type of company you go to, these flying lessons can be delivered in set sessions to suit your availability and finances. The one we booked was for a half an hour flight only, however you can also get hourly flights, as well as a land-away excursion. In the company we went to, Bliss Aviation, you can even fly your way to your own pilot’s license!

The unfortunate thing with flying is that it’s very weather dependent. While my boyfriend got me the voucher in January it wasn’t until now (that is nearly 8 months!) that we were able to take to the skies.

Last Saturday, I got into that cockpit and spread my winds (plane wings, that is). I can’t describe how maddeningly exhilarating it is. It’s one of those ‘pinch yourself’ moments where you honestly can’t believe you’re up in the air in this tiny little plane.

And I was surprised by the amount of control I was given. Our pilot on the day, Charles, expressed at the beginning that the whole point of the lesson was to expose us to as much flying as possible. I was in charge of directing the plane on the ground towards the main runway; I was in control of the throttle as we took off. Then, once we were in the air, the controls were given to me and once I had said the magic words, “I am now in control”, that was it- I was flying!

Charles barely touched the other yoke (that is the name for a steering wheel of a plane) and I was in control around 90% of the time. It felt amazing!

I was banking, there were amazing views and it was thrilling to know that I was the one who was flying this plane.

If you ever get the chance to do it yourself, go for it. It can be quite expensive for the short amount of time you’re up there but it’s totally worth it. Hopefully, it can cure your fear of flying and, even if you still get nervous, it’s a great experience and a great travelling opportunity if you want to go on some private excursions!


Also, if anyone else has a fear of flying, know that you are not alone and that there are still ways to manage your fear. My partner was with me in the back the whole time (and had to put up with my flying) and he was still absolutely blown away by the experience. It’s now pushed him to get on some of the commercial flights which we hope to test soon.