Countdown to cruise

Countdown to cruise

So, not sure if you guys know, but Tom and I are mad about cruising, we love the whole experience, from the majesty of the ship, to the wondrous views of the countries, and being slightly isolated at sea.

We are fortunate enough that in our past we have been on between us, multiple different ships and multiple different companies. This year, for example, we took a week vacation on the P&O Ventura, a first for us both.

The Ventura was a great ship with a lot to do, slightly on the small scale for us, but nether the less, a great holiday.

We are extremely excited to announce we have just booked Tom’s 30th birthday cruise next year. We are venturing out on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas.

1 week of med sailing with it departing from Barcelona, which as you know, holds a special place in our hearts.
The cruise we have taken departs from Barcelona, with it stopping at these ports:

  • Palma De Majorca, Spain
  • Marseille, France
  • Pisa, Italy
  • Rome, Italy
  • Naples, Italy
  • and finally, back to Barcelona

Our idea is that we have a weekend in Barcelona, before setting sail on the coming Monday. Having lived in Barcelona, we truly love the location, we know exactly where to go to get the best Paella and Sangria 🙂

Not everyone agrees that cruising is a great way to enjoy a vacation, most people conjure up the image of senior citizens tanning themselves on deck, while others play bowls.

This is certainly not the case, of course, if you choose Fred Olsen over 50’s cruise, or the senior cruise lines, then of course you will encounter this.

From our experience, cruises are full of people from all walks of life, that all share a great passion for the sea. And let’s face it, the Oasis of the seas has 12 bars and multiple nightclubs.

Our Top Reasons To Pick a Cruise Over a Standard Beach Holiday

Food: Tom, being the 6ft 2 gorilla he is, is always looking for food, and on a cruise, it is accessible 24hrs a day. From buffet style lunches to 5* restaurants, a cruise has it all.

Fitness: While I will admit, this year on our cruise we did not do any working out, we enjoy regular exercise. The cruises we have been on have outstanding gyms and exercise classes, a perfect way to combat the usual 7lbs added 🙁

Drink: Well, I have already mentioned that the Oasis of the seas has a total of 12 bars. Need I say more!

Shows: Shows, opera, theatre, cheesy 1 man bands, I am well on-board (ignore the pun). Cruises never lack the thing that defines them. Every night you will be able to watch, listen and enjoy the wonders of cruising theatre.

Locations: Now I save the best for last, the option to visit and explore many countries, cities, and wonders. Our upcoming Oasis cruise includes 3 different countries, 7 marvellous locations, 1 capital city, and 1 island.

Of course, the views of cruising are my own, and while I am not here to persuade or convince you to my side of thinking, I simply leave you with a thought, why not!