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About Me

Hello and welcome to the world that’s Simply Europe!

What is Simply Europe?

About Me

Simply Europe is a place where all my thoughts and passions can be bought together in one little corner of the internet that I can call my own. 

And with a little help from the big ginger bearded bear to the left (my fiancée, Thomas), I will be exploring the culture, tastes, history and experiences of living in Europe, and, in particular, Spain.

A Little Bit About Myself…

If you didn’t already know, my name is Rebecca and I will be writing here (with ideas from my partner Tom) about my comings and goings in Spain, the UK and wherever else life takes me.

I am a reader and writer at heart and have always had a passion for books and creating my own stories. I hope that Simply Europe will be a form of escapism where I can write the stories of my life.

As I move into my next chapter and head to a small town in Spain called Denia, I wanted the opportunity to take others along for the journey with these small tales and hence Simply Europe was born.

I’m not a stranger to Spain. The first time I lived abroad was back in 2016 when Tom and I made the spontaneous decision to up and move to Barcelona- and we had only been together 6 months at the time! (We must have been mad but if that’s what it takes to do what we did then I’m glad for it!)

Since that move, we’ve had a passion for all things Spanish and all things European- one of our biggest goals on our bucket list is to travel around Europe and explore many other amazing destinations out there.

What I love:

  • Chocolate (what girl doesn’t?!)
  • Spain
  • Writing
  • Books
  • Travel
  • Cocktails

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Rebecca x