5 Best Sights to See in Cornwall

5 Best Sights to See in Cornwall

A few summers ago my family and I took a trip to the stunning coast-side county of Cornwall. It was only just a few days ago, after looking back at some of the pictures, that I was inspired to write about what I saw whilst we were there.

Looking back, we created some amazing memories and I wanted to share with you some of the places we visited whilst we were there.

Here are just 5 of my favourite sights to see in Cornwall:

  1. Land’s End

Ever wanted to go to the edge of the world, well I’ve found it. Land’s End, named just for that reason, is the last bit of mainland off the west side of the UK (that is until you reach America or Canada). At this most westerly point, is the most stunning force of nature I have ever seen- stunningly steep cliff edges, roaring Atlantic waves and, maybe just a tad bit windy!

It far beats its rival, The Lizard, which is also famed as being the most southerly point off of mainland UK.  

  1. St Ives

This gorgeous, quaint harbour town may not be at the top of everyone’s list but it’s definitely on the top of mine. Filled with rows of boutique shops and delicious fish and chip shops sourced right from the docks, this town really does feel like it comes out of a fantasy novel.

When we were there we enjoyed a little traditional Cornish ice cream as we sat on the sandy beach.

  1. Minack TheatreCornwall Minack Theatre

This place is absolutely stunning! I would highly recommend anyone going to Cornwall to visit this theatre. Carved into the cliff rock, Minack theatre is an open stage perched on the edge of the sea. It’s truly a unique sight and experience. It not only has stunning views of the sea leading out to the horizon but hosts some of the greatest plays and performers.

My only disappointment is that I never got the chance to see a show!

  1. Tintagel Castle

Turn back the hands of time and take a trip to Tintagel Castle- the sight that inspired the legend of King Arthur. Built, on a precipice of rocks, Tintagel Castle is a treasure-hunter / hide-and-seeker haven. There are many coves, secret passageways and twisty castle steps to uncover on your adventures here.

  1. St Michael’s Mount

Rising above the sea, St Michael’s Mount is a stunning location to visit. The tides are fascinating to watch in real-time. One minute you could take a walk across the medieval cobbled causeway to the castle and the next it’s hidden underwater like a secret pathway. St Michael’s Mount is a medieval castle sat atop a luscious green garden and surrounded by a quaint English harbour. Whilst it’s nice to take the walk up to the castle for a panoramic view of Marazion town and its surrounding areas, it’s also just as lovely to sit across the bay and watch the sun cast its glow upon the mount with a cider in hand.

St Michael's Mount Cornwall

Without a doubt, I had one of the best holidays in Cornwall (and this is coming from someone who loves going abroad to Europe for holidays!) and I would urge anyone with the chance to go visit Cornwall. Yes, we were blessed by unnaturally warm and sunny weather for the UK, but from everyone I’ve talked to, Cornwall is one of the most beautiful places in Europe.